Attack of the Deer: Nara and Miyajima, Japan

Look at this:

It's a baby!

It’s a baby!

 Cute, right?

How about this?

"You can call me Baratheon"

“You can call me Baratheon”

Regal, no?

What if there is a group of them?


“Yay, Friends!”

And they eat your tourist map?

"Great now how will I know where to go?"

“Great, now how will I know where to go?”

Or they bite you in the ass?

"Mmm Meaty"

to be fair, a fairly large target.

Still cute?


On our trip to Japan last year, the tourist book information was confirmed, the people are extremely polite. This politeness, however, does not extend to the domesticated miniature deer. At least not the ones we met. I had previous encountered these deer on a family trip taken many, many, many years ago and remembered them fondly. I was expecting them when we made our way to Nara but was pleasantly surprised to find them on the second stop of our trip, Miyajima. They were obviously pleased to see me because I must smell like a sucker. How else would the first group successfully eat my map, on which was written, “Beware, Deer will eat paper, including this map?” Then in Nara, where they are supposed to be less wild, even well trained to bow for the special deer crackers (just $1.50 for 10!), they ganged up on me and bit my butt until I relented and dropped all the crackers and ran in fear. Part of being a tourist is being a sucker, I just didn’t expect to get bested by tiny deer.

At least Marcus had my back.


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