Japan: The Food Diary Part 1

I believe it’s time, to talk about what is on all of our minds. We went to Japan three months ago and still not a peep about THE FOOD!

I have some excuses. Firstly I just wasn’t in the mood for blogging this fall. Secondly,  I feel like we didn’t take enough pictures of our food and what’s the point without pictures, right? Reading is for lameos. Finally, I just didn’t know how to do it. Talk about only the weird stuff? Talk about how we cheated a lot and ate pizza and pasta? So I decided to do it like this:

Evening One, Kamakura

  • Steak. David (our host) took us to one of his neighborhood and favorite catch all restaurants. When I’m exhausted I just want comfort food and for me comfort food is steak.

Day Two: Kamakura to Hiroshima

  • Breakfast: Cereal, specifically Frosted Flakes mixed with Granola, which David graciously bought us. If I don’t mention breakfast again its safe to assume this is what we had.
  • 11ties: The first attempt at unrecognizable food purchase and epic fail. Some kind of fish part roll that was really just very unpleasant. Sorry fish roll producers and connoisseurs we just had to Lean Pocket them right into the trash.

    It looks so safe…

  • The very late lunch after the very long walk from the train station: Club Sandwich in the hotel, we needed food and we needed it now.
  • Dinner: Just kidding we accidentally fell asleep at 6 PM “just a rest” and missed dinner.

Day Three: Hiroshima, Miyajima and Kyoto

  • Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast Buffet, pretty classic stuff, didn’t go for anything different.
  • 11ties: Hiroshima/Miyajima Special: Grilled Oysters to be eaten with a toothpick, like dignified people.

    Street Food at its Best

  • Lunch: Okonomiyaki, another Hiroshima specialty (the one we meant to eat for dinner the night before). Added bonus: Contains Bacon! We sat at the bar and watched them be made, it was a lot of fun. I think if I got one again I’d get it without “tenpura” which isn’t to be confused with tempura (delicious crunch) but rather some kind of fish flavored flake, at least, I’m pretty sure that’s where the fishy flavor came from, maybe I’d nix the seaweed too, just to be safe. Heck, add extra bacon while you’re at it!

    A slightly blurry explanation of Okonomiyaki

  • Dinner: Hotel Pizza? Maybe, it was a pretty tiring day… don’t judge me. I can see you, judging me, we can’t all be Andrew Zimmern all the time.

I realized here there is no way I can fit this whole thing in one post, well I could but then I’d alienate my one internet fan and I could never do that to her.  So check out part 2 and/or part 3, perhaps even 4!

Running Totals:

Very Japanese Foods: 2 (Fish Rolls, Okonomiyaki)

Foods that aren’t Necessarily Japanese but we had it in Japan: 1 (Oysters)

Meals Eaten out of Necessity without regard to “the experience:” 5 (not too bad)


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