Japan: The Food Diary Part 2

Continued from part 1:

Day Four: Kyoto

  • Breakfast: Hotel Breakfast Buffet. I did make Marcus try a Rambutan, they were pretty much how I remembered them. See branching out…
  • Lunch: Missed it, I think we shared a banana that I stuffed in my purse from the buffet. We were on a mission, a mission that didn’t include lunch.
  • Nishiki Market Afternoon Eatfest: We were so lucky to be met by my Up With People friends Yui and Miwa and they helped us to try all kinds of food including: Soy Donuts, Sushi on a stick (a very rare food, for Japan), all sorts of fermented plants, curry chips, many different types of mochi and the Osaka specialty Takomiyaki, which is basically octopus parts fried up in dough balls. Phew… lots of eating. I’d eat it all again, except for some particularly slimy mochi (pictured above, in the worst photo I’ve ever taken) that went down like a slug… (and nearly came up like a slug too)

    Yui, Miwa, Me and The Best Dang Doughnut

    Yui, Miwa, Me and The Best Dang Doughnut

  • Dinner: After all that we went to a very hip restaurant that a hip gal in the market recommended and I ordered a tuna sandwich, thinking I’d get something kind of wacky and I got a tuna salad sandwich (a delicious one, with homemade chips!). Experimentation Fail.

Day Five: Kyoto to Nara

  • Breakfast: An epic quest to eat at Colorado Cafe. Had a meh sort of sandwich.
    Yay! A Colorado Bakery!

    Yay! A Colorado Bakery!

    Oh Sad, it's Closed

    Oh Sad, it’s Closed

    It's a chain! Go to another one!

    It’s a chain! Go to another one!

  • Lunch: A really tasty Traditional Bento Lunch (I think I had the tempura version) at an eatery on our walk from train to our traditional Ryokan hotel. I of course gave Marcus my Miso soup, I try, I really do, but I just HATE Miso.
  • Dinner: This was the big Kahuna, the entire reason I insisted on staying at a ryokan (aside from the bathing with strangers perk). I signed us up to receive the traditional ryokan meals. Because our ryokan was bigger than some we were served in the restaurant but we still got to get dressed up.
    Not only am I wearing the man sash, I'm wearing it backwards. Can't take me anywhere

    Not only am I wearing the man sash, I’m wearing it backwards. Embarrassment

    I couldn’t tell you all that we ate, primarily because the menu was English free but also because Marcus’ camera died so I can’t even compare pictures with the internet. There was fish and chicken soup and sushi and much more served over a glorious hour or so, probably 3 times the amount of food I could actually eat. Here are some pre-dead camera examples:

    Raw Fish! (I at least know that)

    Raw Fish! (I at least know that)

    Chicken that cooks on your table!

    Chicken that cooks at your table!

    A stew? With, uhh a lime!

    A stew? With, uhhm…a lime!

    It was all very good, it’s quite an experience to not only be clueless about the ingredients of your meal but also to not be able to know what a food is by sight, a nearly blind taste test. I can’t recall anything that I didn’t like (because I can smell Miso and knew better than to eat it). I even ate a fish head.

    Can you spot the headless fish?

    Can you spot the headless fish?

That’s it for Part 2 Check out Part 3 to see the Ryokan Breakfast!


Very Japanese Foods: 5 (that’s meals but I fell like we should at least get +15 for the combo of the market and Ryokan Dinner) so 20…

Foods that aren’t Necessarily Japanese but we had it in Japan: 2 (let’s count the rambutan on this one) actually make it 3 I’m counting that tuna sandwich too.

Meals Eaten out of Necessity without regard to “the experience:” 7 (those western breakfasts really add up)


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