Japan: The Food Diary Part 4

We are getting very near the end of the trip and thus the food diary.

Day 9: Tokyo/Yokohama

11ties: The stars aligned and we found it, the glory, inside the Shinagawa train station, disguised as a packaged sweet shop, BAKED BREAD GOODS! Not just bread products but bread products with CHEESE. I think we shocked even ourselves with the speed and quantity that we devoured ham and cheese croissants, a mini pizza, a danish and likely more but it’s a bit of a blur, as being in ecstasy can be.

Fly by Late Lunch: Still craving more chicken butts, we swung by a department store and risked the old guess and point method of eating. Succeeded at pointing at legitimate chicken parts and ate a quick chicken stick.

Afternoon Tea: Well this is when it starts to get weird. We met David in Yokohama to get a tour of his office and the city center. We all decided ice cream sounded really good so we went to Cold Stone inside the mall. In the US if you tip the workers they sing. Since its not the custom to tip in Japan, after you order they simply ask if they may sing for you. They didn’t just sing they harmonized. Japan, always doing it better.

Dinner: If it started getting weird at Tea, Dinner is legitimately weird. On our walk through the city we happened upon this: Oktoberfest Japanand this: Japan 784So we ended up with a good ol’ fashioned German Oktoberfest dinner for our last night in Japan, complete with $15 beers, and a serenade by a polka band.

Marcus was understandably thrilled

Marcus was understandably thrilled

Day 10: Kamakura

Breakfast: David suggested one of his favorite breakfast spots, Cafe Hula, to us for our final meal in Japan.  It was conveniently at the same stop as the Big Buddha our last tourist destination before we had to head off to the airport. We got there early, and it was closed. So we went to Buddha to ask for some breakfast guidance.

Please Mr. Big Buddha, we are so hungry.

Please Mr. Big Buddha, we are so hungry.

Then magically as we walked back by it was open! Big ups to the Buddha. It is thanks to him that I had my first ever Loco Moco. I had what the internet calls “the traditional” version of white rice topped with a hamburger topped with gravy topped with a fried egg. (Yes, it’s a mystery to me how I have managed to go nearly 30 years without discovering this Hawaiian breakfast gem). Not a bad way to end our trip, because yes, this was our last meal in Japan, we in no way went to the McDonald’s in the airport, nope we would never do that.

First Steps Towards Home

First Steps Towards Home


Very Japanese Foods: 24, Only gained one, thanks to risky department store purchase

Foods that aren’t Necessarily Japanese but we had it in Japan: 6,  I guess this is where we’d put Hawaiian food and German food eaten in Japan, right?

Meals Eaten out of Necessity without regard to “the experience:” 10, Sometimes you just need bread and ice cream. (Sounds like a new fad diet to me)


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