Closet Makeover

Marcus’ Christmas gift to me this year was a diorama. I wish I had a picture of it. It was a diorama of the closet that I was going to have, soon. So on a yet again another cold weekend this past month he made good on his promise.

When we bought our house I was pretty excited that we would have a walk in closet in our bedroom. I had a walk in in our rental but it wasn’t in our room, in fact it was in the basement and I got cold every morning post-shower trying to decide what to wear. So a closet in our bedroom, a room that while in the basement, at least had central heating is basically like staying at the Four Seasons in my world. Sadly, whoever designed (or perhaps didn’t design) the layout was very obviously not a professional organizer or a semi-professional or perhaps didn’t even know how to spell organize, so there would need to be a makeover to reach full closet potential.  After two home depot trips, a trip up the the office to use the fancy saw, 12 loads of laundry, lots of me proclaiming myself to be the drawer constructing master of the universe, use of the little saw at home and only one or two meltdowns we had it, our closet! BandACloset

Before Sides Side ViewsAnd the grand magnificent cherry on top:

Sorry for those of you (all of you) who never had a desire to see my underthings

Sorry for those of you (all of you) who never had a desire to see my underthings

That’s right I have a separate drawer for bras and underwear or as I call them dream drawers. Speaking of which here is Meri in her dream drawers a pair of headed-to-the-trash boxers from the bottom of Marcus’ collection:

She dreams in Sepia

She dreams in Sepia

All the pieces are Closetmaid brand available at Home Depot (and probably other places too). Because of our super low ceilings Marcus had to cut down the back portion a few inches to fit. All in all the materials cost around $500. It took us one full day to construct and install the pieces, it probably could have taken less if we had bothered to clean the closet since we moved in, in April. Surprisingly it still looks relatively as clean as the pictures, amazing the motivation when there is actually a place for everything!



4 thoughts on “Closet Makeover

  1. That is a nice looking closet! Doesn’t it feel great to have everything organized and with a spot? We just did a major clean out of our bedroom a couple weeks ago and it felt fantastic afterwards!

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