Oh Lorde

I admit it, I sing as loud as possible while completely missing half of the words to Royals by Lorde every time it plays on the car radio. (It’s extremely difficult, for me, to fit the phrase “Tigers on a Gold Leash” in one breath). You know what else? Royals makes me think about Gossip Girl because it says Queen Bee and reminds me of Blair and then I smile because I like Gossip Girl, even though I’m 30 and can’t afford 1/8 of a shoe from that show.  You probably think that I should be ashamed of this, all of this, but I’m not because, I admitted I was weird back in the 2nd grade and I’ve stuck with it every since:

Little Kristen: “Dododo,” doing something weird like commentating on my alphabetizing of Barbie’s outfits

Little Snotty-Nosed Classmate: “You’re weird!”

Little Kristen: “I know, Thank You!”

Showed him right? Snooty-Nosed Meanie Head. (Note: Not pictured above, that’s my brother drinking my garden hose backwash)

I like Lorde A Lot.  She performs a bit crazy, weird and slightly creepy, exactly how I always imagined Florence of Florence and the Machine would perform (she a bit too pretty to be defined as weird). Actually they would make a kick ass super group. Florence, Lorde and the Machine? I would just pee my pants.

I digress. What was the point of this post?


2 thoughts on “Oh Lorde

  1. Two things. 1, you inspired me to go look up the lyrics to ‘Team’. So thanks for that reminder that I didn’t know the words. 2, It would have to be Florence, the Machine, Lorde and Marnie from Girls. Then, yes.

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