Then Comes Marriage

It’s not strange that once you’ve been married for a year, dog raised, home purchased that the inquiries turn to babies.

It’s really not strange that grannies, aunties, friends and people who just really don’t want to lose you as their drinking buddies ask you…”so are you…”

It would be strange, hurtful even, if no one cared to ask about your life plans.

It’s a little strange when your parent’s friends who you see every three to five years inquire about your getting laid schedule.

It’s really strange when a male, work acquaintance quizzes you about the status of your uterus.

It’s unfairly strange, when you recount the story of the IT guy’s interest in your baby making to your husband and ask him, “Don’t people ask you all the time too?’ and he says, “No, Never, Not Once.”


I can see why they ask. I'm clearly amazing with children.

I can see why they ask. I’m clearly amazing with children.


2 thoughts on “Then Comes Marriage

  1. This is amazing. I get asked all. the. time. Sometimes, I don’t even get asked…I get, er, assumed, i.e. “When you and Ben have kids…” I should ask Ben if he gets asked.

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