Why Did you Come Here? Denmark.

I can’t remember why but about a month ago I decided that only having photos in digital form just didn’t suit me.  I went back to my photo albums to see when I last did something with my photos besides save them and promptly forget about them. With a few special exceptions the last time I did something “real” with my photos was in 2006. For those of you with a newly warped sense of time like me (THANKS being 30) that was 8 years ago, Yikes!  Upon reviewing my photos to plan out my new fantastic digital photo books I came upon the pictures from my trip to Copenhagen to visit my Up With People sister/friend (not like a sister wife)  in 2011.

Copenhagen, just Copenhagen.

Copenhagen, “just” Copenhagen.

Something a little surprising occurred on the trip, there were a number of Scandinavian friends I visited with and they all asked me the same questions.:

  1. Why did you come to Copenhagen?
  2. Where are you going next?
  3. Wait, why did you come just to Copenhagen?

The answers were:

  1. Because Anna invited me.
  2. Back home.
  3. Uhh, because I’m taking a trip to visit Copenhagen…

Maybe it is not completely normal to go to Europe just to visit one place, especially in the minds of the inquisitors most of whom were college-aged Europeans with the ability and time to do extensive traveling. Still I was a little surprised at how surprised my friends were that I just was visiting Denmark, no where else.

Then I spent some time site seeing alone.

Here's a picture of me in front of a building. You can't see me this was before the days of the selfie.

Here’s a picture of me in front of a building. You can’t see me. This was before the days of the selfie, so I’m behind the camera but still in front of a building. See how that works?

While nearly everyone in Copenhagen speaks impeccable English. I can see why the Danes/Swedes were perplexed my my extended presence, because even the people running museums hardly expected many English speakers to come snooping around unaccompanied. The the plaques, descriptions, brochures, etc that were English in the museums were rather sporadic. (This is not a complaint, merely an observation). Guess nobody was expecting a gal whose Danish vocabulary consists of old timer pick up lines, but seriously, vil du se min frimærkesamling?

After wandering around, enjoying myself, but also feeling a bit clueless it was a wonderful respite to stumble upon the Frihedsmuseet known to those of us with limited working Danish as The Museum of Danish Resistance (WWII).  The Frihedsmuseet not only had descriptions of nearly everything in English but it was also FREE! A godsend to a gal who came to Denmark wholly unprepared for the unfavorable exchange rates of Scandinavia. I found the collections focusing upon the Nazi occupation and the Danish resistance extremely interesting, even as a person who has studied way too much WWII history.

A Printing Press, I guess. Just because I could read it doesn't mean I remember it.

A Printing Press, I guess. Just because I could read it doesn’t mean I remember it.

Now comes the part where I tell you to absolutely visit this place should you find yourself in Copenhagen (I say find yourself because now we all know how bizarre you will be perceived if your destination is to actually visit Copenhagen). Sadly, I cannot tell you to do so because in searching for the Danish name for the museum and to provide a bit of useful information (I know, strange for this blog) I found out the museum was destroyed by fire last year. So bummer. But the post is already written so it’s going up anyway complete with, which is to say, without any useful information.

So I guess you’ll just have to wander Copenhagen clueless like me but without the nice English surprise. Still worth it though, even if you confuse a few Danes along the way.

So Sad. And No, this post isn't written in code.

So Sad. And No, this post isn’t written in code.


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