Summer Jams? 2014.

Not to brag, but I guess I’ve become the kind of person that people look to for important information. By people I mean, Marcus and by important information I mean, summer hit predictions.

I too have been waiting for the summer jam of 2014 to present itself to me. I think I’m still waiting. I may wait all summer. If you see me crying to myself in the middle of the dance floor, don’t worry it’s merely Pharrell withdraw, it will pass.

While we all wait with anxious anticipation ( it’s June and I still would rather hear Happy than anything new) there is at least one song to hold us all over:

Iggy Azalea’s Fancy

The List of Why:

  • Zach (of California) and I were talking quite some time ago about the sad lack of female rappers and then poof there is one. Thanks universe.
  • Solid hook.
  • The video is an homage? blatant copy? of Clueless, albeit without Paul Rudd. Either way it’s a nice nostalgic trip for a girl woman of my age.
  • She’s Australian. I don’t know what’s going on with the Down Under these days but add Iggy & Lorde and you get the only songs on the hip hop radio anymore (besides that God Awful song about riding first class on some creepy guy’s lap). I wonder what else the Aussies and Kiwis are going to give us this year…




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