Camp Jabberwocky

I just found this post from August saved but not posted. Maybe it seemed unfinished at the time but seems pretty good now. Also, hello blog, it’s been a long time.

I often complain (mostly to myself but occasionally to others) that I lack passion for any one thing. I casually am interested in and like many things but often struggle to define something I really deeply care about. As I write this I am snickering to myself because now that I’ve realized it, it seems so obvious. Maybe that’s the trouble with passions, sitting around defining your passion does not a passion make. A passion is something you think about nearly all the time, always enjoy, never want to quit (except in small moments of frustration), and structure your life around. So it turns out I’ve had  passion for nearly nine years. It may be news to me but I’m sure anyone who has spent more than 15 minutes with me already knew.



P.S. I had a lot of awesome family and friends who helped my fundraiser for camp this year. So another thank you to them. For anyone who is curious you can read more about Camp at:


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