First Comes Love

Had an amusing comment via Facebook in response to last week’s fiber challenge (again, click to read unless you have bionic vision). It’s true my pre-marriage blog‘s subject matter revolved a lot more around making out and never around poop.  I would like to point out to Chea, and other readers, that there are many […]

Christmas Cards a New Life

We are adults now, an exciting time because that now means we receive Christmas Cards! Yes, I’m still talking about Christmas. No, I probably won’t stop anytime soon. In fact, I listened to Christmas music yesterday. I couldn’t handle one more story on NPR about people shooting people and the Michael Buble album that was […]

Slight Changes

A little while ago I gave the blog a little revamp, by which I mean I trolled around for a new and free layout. More importantly I changed the tagline to match the slightly new direction I decided (with a bit of encouragement from my blog friends) to take not exactly hip. The tagline used […]