My Facebook Friends Have No Idea That I’m Pregnant

A post from two years ago, when I was pregnant: Surprise internet friends! There is something besides french fries taking up a significant amount of room in my abdomen. Sorry I didn’t tell you but you’ll see I have some good-ish reasons. The top eleven reasons my Facebook friends have no idea that I’m pregnant: […]


Snarkily reading Facebook: Your baby looks like an old man. Your baby can’t read, so posting to her/him about how much you love her/him is ridiculous. Selfies are out. Especially taken from above, unsmiling selfies. This concludes today’s Snarkbook reading. Edit: Selfies are out unless your selfie looks like this.

I’m not “friends” with SCOTUS but I still changed my profile picture

I find most Facebook trends fall somewhere between idiotic and self-soothing laziness. Idiotic: the current trend of “comment here and something magical will happen.” No doubt the same people comment who sent me all those emails in 2001 that warned of imminent downfall should one not forward on to at least ten friends. Remember when […]